Chicago times

by Roger Ebert

"the best Mob movie ever made, and one of the best American films." He praised the film's performances, direction, and screenplay, saying it was "rich, funny, brutal, and mesmerizing."

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The Guardian

by Peter Bradshaw

"an absolute masterpiece," saying it was "a film that rewards multiple viewings and analysis" and praising its "brilliant performances, unshowy direction, and dazzling script."

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The Newyork Times

by Vincent Canby

"one of the most brutal and moving chronicles of American life ever designed within the limits of popular entertainment." and given 9.6/10 rating

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Rotten Tomatoes

average rating of 9.51/10

"One of Hollywood's greatest critical successes, The Godfather gets everything right; not only did the movie transcend expectations, it established new benchmarks for American cinema."

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