Chapter 1

A Brief History of Time is one of the famous book that has been written by Stephen Hawking. It explains you about the history of time. It explores the phenomenon that is our universe, and the laws that govern it. This book is a simple one can be understand by anyone and that’s the excellence of the author.

To be honest this is not a physics book or any kind of theoritical explanation. At the begining, I also thought the same but later going forward I understand that, It is not. If anyone is thinking or persuing the physics as his career, Then reading this book will be a great motivation for you.

To be frank, I am not a book person or something but I found this book interesting and simple as you read. It manily deals with the nature of our universe and phenomenon that is our universe, and the laws that govern it. It also has the theory of time travel and history of time that we are enthusiastic about The magic of time travel, History of time and other hidden universal truths that are the major attraction and the key of this book.

I would defenitely recommend or prefer this book to someone who is interested in physics and hidden truth of the universe. Moreover this book is written by the legend Stephen Hawking, Who proved us that “Nothing is Impossible”