Three Amazing Color scheme websites

Apple is one of the multinational companies that spend millions of dollars on the design side only. They have used all the modern standards of web designing. The website is responsive and well designed.

The homepage is welcoming, modern, simple and clean, allowing the brand to really show its products off and make them the primary focus. They used white space and minimalistic design.

While going through the Adidas website, The minimalistic color and design schemes are one of the visually attractive things and one can quickly see the target audience.

The site has also used a minimalist approach to enhance its appearance. For instance, it has creatively used white space to enhance its creative look. Additionally, the landing page has minimal tabs so that it does not appear crowded. The web pages have a significant number of tabs as they present the different items the brand has.

Youtube is one of the most famous and visited websites.YouTube pulls over 1.8 billion users per month. The design is aesthetic and arranged everything in a good manner. The opening layout of YouTube is quite clean and simple with a good color scheme that is accessible to all audience at any age. Even though they provided an extra option to change into the dark mode.